It’s been too long. Here I am again after like so many draft on the list couldnt finish up since I am too busy, not literally its actually I am being too much lazy bitch. I’ve been feeling a little lost and sometime I feel to much obsessed for some particular thing, I’ve been standing in long lines while rushing to get things done.  I’ve been feeling pressured to do more (Only that’s feeling I should say’), make more, buy more, as social media reveals how much more inventive and ambitious and organized others are. But anyways It’s been somewhat of a learning curve, managing independent lives and work/life boundaries despite the blurred lines of job.
Let me summarize 2015
2015 was a beautiful year — horrific at times, extraordinary in others. I cracked and imploded, excelled and evolved. I wasted broken tears on the cruel. I was kicked when I was down, but I got up every time. I kept laughing and I kept moving. I connected with strangers, I got slapings from the stranger through words, I made friend through buses, found abandoned beauty in the gutters of my soul, and soared wildly while stumbling blindly. So for 2016 My resolution is Revolution! I need to change myself, so this year I am going to dropkick my doubts on the chin, kick my bad past in the ass — Bang!
I’m going to go ahead and kick some ass, I’m going to go ahead and make some memories, I’m going to go ahead and put up the fight of my life in the fight for my life.
Alright so this is the first page in a fresh year 2016,With this comes cravings for new things. I always feel pretty terrible about this having just received wonderful Christmas presents, Aaaah, I really did it! I’ve been a proud and ecstatic owner of a Vespa for approximately two weeks now. If you hadn’t noticed already, this is kind of a big deal to me. Like, I even have a hard time acting all cool and relaxed while I type this. I generally do not keep my cool.

I have always loved it in this season but I had never actually considered buying it and even in the last moment I even thought  things are just meant to stay on your wishlist forever so I was almost ready to move on to next and less exciting things  but at the last moment things changed, surprise came unraveling. I felt like I was tripping when I handed over my money. So far it has not been a bad trip even though installment gonna kill me.  but anyways lets BANG 2016 with money waste and enjoyment!


  1. Binisha you are such a wonderful person. That “follow your heart and never give up” attitude you have is something i need to learn from you. Hopefully, this year i too will be a better person watching you. 🙂