1.  Startup! This has been something I keep procrastinating.- 10%
  2. photograph- I need to work for some savings but camera knows better and always deserve to be in list.
  3. Will learn More so that there wont be anything I dont know although you cannot have it all.
  4. Learn a language Newari- who will teach, hmm!, Chinese- LOL no, French- may be, Italian – may be,  ohh I only know I will learn :)
  5. Will start on writing Technical Blogs!
  6. Book – how It will be days just with book and Music, I wish that was only enough thing to survive, but yeah 100 books beyond my choice
  7. Get Drunk- Easiest thing in the list 😉 CHECK!
  8. crazy thing to try- tattoo -May be words to try, do something with my hair, hell crazy thing…
  9. Midnight beach, midnight walk- Especially with the people I love to be with.
  10. At least one song to try on guitar- this is most crazy thing i will go with., no matter I am terrible with everything!
  11. Live on my own. And by that, I don’t mean a hostel. I seriously mean on my own. But I will move it to the list on 27 list before I turn 27
  12. Late night out party, So I did this before but I wont mind saying it for second time., Sometime head needs to do some exercise! bang On!!
  14. Do you know how my foot looks when I wear high heels, this is the crazy thing I will love to try. CHECK!
  15. Swim! this is one skill I am about to forget I know that, Will again dont let this summer pass again without some more time dive on pool.
  16. Futsal! I want to make my mission to kick ball to the post rather just standing and waiting time when ball arrives on my leg LOL!
  17. Try all the liquors- Wine check!, Beer – Hell yes!, actually thats it! CHECK!
  18. Cook! Staying at hostel seems I am more than perfect on making Coffee with the ready made sachet but as its my favourite part want to cook something decent!
  19. Mosque to visit-Temple? Check. Monasteries? Check. Church? Check. I need more places of worship to visit!
  20. Visit completely 3  new places to me!
  21. Long holiday just to say Its family time!
  22. Yeah write craziest thing I always wanted to…
  23. Ride Vespa! CHECK!
  24. Friday should be always something that add some flavours of above list
  25.  ………………
  26. ……………….Suggest me More 😉


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