Sometime somethings will be they are mean to be. And yes may be that’s true, Actually why I am saying this is today is my Mom Dads Anniversary and planned many things for them and I was suppose to be there but see life’s not always the choices you make sometime some choices will be made for you… Anyways Happy Anniversary MOM and DAD! They have build their relationship on the strong foundation of trust, love and commitment and its always awesome to see them happy! Sometime I get into thoughts, I should say I get really pissed off when I think about marriage but question arise Do they enter a committed relationship thinking whether it will last or not last.. Its like everything else in life.. You believe in it, you contribute to it and you enjoy it through the good times and bad times… And its doesn’t mean every-time it works.. It really doesn’t make you a better person or worse but it doesn’t ensure that you have not stood on the edge of afraid or something..

Its maha shivaratri again! This days not only belong to my mom and dad it always make me happy making more into my childhood days! There’s something special about diving back into those days you know and love well. It’s not unlike re-reading a beloved book or returning to a favorite childhood film. It’s a feeling of comfort, a bit like belonging. My friend and I were having conversation about blocking road asking money, it really made us happy! Seriously childhood days is like a ray of sunshine that can brighten your mood! Anyways lots of good memories and laughter were shared rolling down on conversation.

Every-time having conversation parallely reminds me of not to stop setting goals for self that encourage growth. And yes growth is such an important part of life, whether it is watching your plants grow or experiencing personal growth.

Seems it took me whole day to finish this blog.. Today only destiny came as surprise for me, not planned for any thing and for me excitement of reaching our destination almost overshadowed the joy of the journey.. reached sangha and had a wonderful time..


Imagine the time you are alone in party and somewhere traveling alone and knowing no body inside. When I get in this conversation others says me you are crazy but really You’re here to get crazy with other people — people who are strangers to you. Traveling on your own, its like experiencing the legendary party scene for yourself. and trust me traveling alone means you don’t have boundaries but as I always say Freedom comes with responsibility!