You can plant a dream.

Anne Campbell

Have you ever answer the question of “What is your dream?”  I have no precise answer. I have lots of dreams. Don’t you? Some big, some small. Some for me, some for the planet. I am not the same person today that I was yesterday. It’s a choice we decide to make.

Achieving dreams, no matter what they are, will always require work. It will always require discipline. There is so much dream we have dreamt of and fooled to self. I have a habit saying i’ll surely pursue them later, when it will be easier, when it will be more manageable. Though such a time will never come. But you have to start somewhere. As baby steps, one by one. It will be frustrating and draining, and some days you will just want to give up because you feel like you’re standing still, but you’re not.

Dreams:  Literature Coffee shop…

A cup of Coffee and good book.

I want cafeteria to be some sort of adding fuels to all those reading machine.

Every cup should describe the best book, should make reading more sexy.

I don’t want people to make them feel they are at cafe neither at bookstore rather I want them to be the place where books, coffee make a great combination to tell there’s best place, Place where people can relax and refocus.

PS: You can plant a dream. – Written this blog just doing random selection of name i.e Dreams