In my travels, I have met some of the most fascinating people…men and women of great adventure and fascinating spirit. I am often intrigued by what draws one person to another…among the hundreds and thousands of faces at school,college, restaurants, streets and parks, shopping malls and books stores, why is it that we are suddenly drawn to a particular person, and a simple conversation with them can be so insightful and timely? Perhaps, it is our energies that pull us to certain people at certain times, or it is simply fate. same thing I wanna say I to met u….
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Sometimes the people we meet change us forever…remember a teacher who set an indelible impression on your young mind, a twin soul who made it easier to understand yourself, a friend who showed you how fun life really is, or even a complete stranger who added meaning to your day with a sunny smile… Maybe there is a purpose to why we meet. Maybe these are the people who help us get to where we are meant to be at that time. Maybe they are the ones who give us strength, or bring laughter into our lives. Maybe our energies merge to complete a bigger plan that we are yet unaware of. Perhaps it is not important to look for a reason as to why we met, but to be thankful that we did!

I have innumerable lessons learnt… I have countless reasons to thank God for all those precious moments that brought me in touch with such a wide variety of people. I found strength on the verge of losing hope, I found laughter when my eyes were brimming over, I found meaning when I thought that I had lost purpose… Indeed, sometimes the people we meet change us forever. Thank you for being a part of my life.