IMG_0305Venturing a little further afield on one of the little getaways, taking to satisfy my wanderlust itch and making my little break on travel to Gupha Pokhari. So, Gupha Pokhari, I would say Gupha Pokhari is one of the short holidaymaker destinations inside Eastern Region , and that is well known for few that it is the capital of National flower and also the splendor on the hillsides.

Gupha Pokhari is a natural pond that has religious significance. Amazing contrasting natural views could be experienced as you undertake trip to Chainpur Gupha pokhari via Basantapur. One hand where you would get to see dense forests, on the other hand you may have beautiful terraced slopes. This remote region has a lot to offer in terms of natural landscapes.

Gupha Pokhari Villlage!


Gupha Pokhari were a breath of clean, cool air. We only stayed one night and one full day but it was jam packed with exploration of basantapur and the destination to gupha pokhari. Our travel gave us more terror as it was impossible to get back home that night, but somehow we made it possible , many were surprise even we were.

We entered Basantapur at the night time when everyone was having a warm sleep on that cold weather, but the light in basantapur immediately captured my attention and felt still Tihar is on over here  but It was always stunning! Basantapur welcomed us with blistering yet  extreme cold and as my fingers and toes are often cold in winter but that weather gave me extra blistering moments.


The whole hours of the hike are steadily uphill. On every top, a wonderful view opens up and the incredibly blue sky can be seen in the distance, with mountains and vegetation framing it. Really its a interesting place to visit, although under the blistering cold it can be a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, it was lovely to take pictures there.

Just a walk of 8 hrs!


In the distance, we could hear the sound of the bells worn by goats that are free to roam. At times, we understood the goats were actually really close to us although we could not hear them, because their smell was unmistakable :).

Celebratory view for getting when we first spotted to pokhari and is the first glimpse of pokhari we captured.




It was chilly and the weather wasn’t the best, but what a beautiful and magical spot. And also the home of the craziest walk of my life.


I can see that clothing really look fat :)

A chewy cheese made by generations of yak herders in Nepal has become an unexpected hit overseas and Known as “Churpi”, the dried cheese made from churned yak’s milk and cow’s milk has long been a popular snack domestically and here I took some snap of it.



IMG_0279    IMG_0277


Bought some for obvious reader!


All village you see doesn’t offer much in terms of comforts, but it is charming to say the least. People live in modest homes but no loadshedding. The main livelihood is farming. They live their lives according to their traditions, proudly speaking their language, and keeping their culture and identity alive. They are welcoming, they smile a lot, they are completely charming and always willing to share their lives, their experiences and their culture with the visitors that occasionally venture in their village. I could see  inviting me in, proudly posing for pictures. It all felt very peaceful, very real, and very relaxing.




Dear Hero!
And that saagbhat! Yummy!

We were also rewarded with amazing views of the beautiful landscape. We were so in awe of the view that it was not an easy task for us to leave and get set back to home.



Practical Facts

Tours to Gupha Pokhari  normally start from Basantapur , with departures in the early hours. It is a full, yet pleasant and eventful day and travelers should expect to stay out for a good 10 to 12 hours. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which is common in when you need to hike.

Those who wish to spend a bit longer exploring the villages can sleep in the modest facilities-wooden huts and bungalows that have plain rooms, with shared bathrooms and a dining area that offers simple yet delicious local staples. What makes sleeping so special is the feeling of closeness to nature that one only gets here.

Trek from Basantapur to Chauki (2680m).
Trek from Chauki to Lamo Pokhari (2940m).
Trek from Lamo Pokhari to Gupha Pokhari (2890m).
Best season for Gupha Pokhari trek is February to May and August to November but Gupha Pokhari trekking can be done in whole year.