All have passed that age of sweet and beautiful colourful festival when we used to do a lot of things to enjoy. Out of all, what is the one thing we are missing in this fast busy life. What do you miss?

We are so busy in our this fast competitive life that even not asking such questions to ourselves. At one point it asks me to think again & again that such type of fast life-giving something to human being. We just run the things which we desire we should have.  What I miss to write it take a long time but one thing I like to say, that is a social touch of my own people.

The moment I step out, I am attacked with water balloons… and worse, they come when I least expect them!  They sure are pretty harmless if it was filled with water only, but what about those filled with colors? But I guess, that’s all to go with the fun and master of this colorful festival. Most important part of this is the ability to laugh at yourself. It’s pretty dangerous when kids are lobbing water balloons at full speed!

This will be one of those rare festive times when I won’t be home and I am already homesick :(. Staying away from home becomes all the more lonely and intolerable when you can’t go home for a festival.

Holi celebrates Spring turning to Summer. It has something to do with the Hindu Gods throwing color at one another. It’s up there on my list of favorite holidays. Holi is WILD and fantastic, and the excitement building up too.

It’s an amazing holiday where we can see people letting it go  and having fun. Even the adults have no problem grabbing the color and covering one another’s face in it! The trick is, much be shy and just go for it. The clothes don’t matter, it’s going to wash out of your skin and this is one day to just play. No matter your age and no matter how important you think you are.

Flash back to my past days… Even now it brings so much enthusiasm in me!! The most thing I miss is my mom.. she is the first one who use that beautiful colour on me… !! Holi is such a wonderful festival for me, it never stop to make me think of those wonderful days celebration. All in all with my school friend, my FM friend and the most with my family…

Well, happy Holi and have a blast celebration!! love u all…

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