I am thrilled you’re here, Lets get to know eachother!

I’m thrilled you’re here!

First let me introduce, I am Binisha Shrestha Passionate Learner and a person who feels alive  writing something that strikes in daily Life.


I believe in truth, freedom that comes with responsibility .I’m all for leaning into life. And then, leaning in some more.


In big ideas, Change, Evolution. In self-expression, self-love and self-responsibility. I know for sure that life is what we make it.


  • I’m a severe procrastinator. I don’t do shit until the last minute. I’m still trying to overcome this problem ;).
  • I’m sarcastic, and my comebacks tend to be mean. So, if I’m ever rude, just tell me to stop being so mean, and I’ll apologize right away.

So, those are some traits that you should be aware of, and know about. Now, here’s my good traits:

  • I’m a spiritual adventurer, a lover of music. I let my intuition lead the way. Always.
  • I have a raging love affair with movement. friends  make me feel strong and centred. I’ve run a half-marathon and enjoyed at least not being last.
  • I’ve read books that makes me feel to forget myself in book.
  • I’m extremely loyal. My friends and family matter most to me. I will never intentionally hurt you guys.
  • I appreciate opinions. If you and I ever have a clash in opinions, just state your thoughts nicely and carefully planned out. If you’re rude like some ungrateful people, then I will show no mercy.
  • I’m generally nice. If we don’t know each other that well, I’ll be polite and treat you like how you would want to be treated.
  • I listen. Or, in an online case, I read. I will never judge you, and I will never assume you are one thing.
  • I try to understand both sides.
  • You all matter to me. I know not everyone cares if I care, but I just want to let ya’ll know that.
  • I’m smart and logical [fact obviously]
  • I know how to have fun, or be funny. But I suck at puns.