Roommates don’t get any better than you.

Happy birthday.


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HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to this amazing soul who has tolerated me for 4 years & will keep doing it for the rest of the life….

I’m glad you were there for me when there was no one else
I’m glad that I can call you my roommate…
I’m glad to call you my friend …
But most of all I’m glad to call you my sister….

Living with roommates is more fun than siblings, closer than friends and crazier than anyone you know.

This picture sums up our relationship, sister from another mother and the most of all  friends who is always there for me… Always listening to each other and just being there for each other.


Let me add some tit-bits…

  • You’re just YOU
  • Fun, flirty, easy going and charming…
  • neutral when having to make sides… and the reason you are never helpful when I need to choose 😉
  • Wake up at 9 (because meal is ready) and sleeps after 12 and  reason I can have two cups of teas early morning.
  • Good Listener though you never remember and forget too early
  • Craziest wattpad reader..
  • go along with my crazy ideas all the time..
  • You have the best hugs!
  • Your taste is bad when buying stuff 😉
  • someone to talk about everything…
  • someone who hardly say NO.
  • Laugh out loud at dreams but your laugh is better on reality (reason I so LOVE you!)…

Things you taught me:

  1. Watch movie without single sec of forward
  2. Always an inspiration to make room look incredibly messy.
  3. How to procrastinate and no worries even though tomorrow is final exam.
  4. Laugh out Loud , cry in silence.
  5. Sleep is a priority !
  6. Sharing really is caring!

Having someone living with you all the time kind of makes you into an extrovert..



Place never going to be better going with other than you (Patan Durbar Square)..


Sleep never better without your stupid movement…


Celebration is never enough without you…


and with you  every place is wonderful!



Hope you live forever, because  I am planning to make you tolerate me more and the sure thing is that I am going to need you.

Happy Birthday!