Signage :Danger! Drive Slowly.


“Bang” “keetchow”

He was shivering, I couldn’t feel anything, I was out of my mind, I will say the Blackout condition!

You never know when something can go wrong!

Last night was scary, 8:45 may be, not that precise, we took the turn too wide, slippery at the turning and must have hit the curb and lost control of the bike. Maybe we squeezed the breaks and went over handlebars. I still cant get off of the fact We had an ACCIDENT, but those fact was revealed as truth not the fiction. I felt so very bad, all the injuries… I really cant express.

He said Lets get back to Kathmandu, but he was in serious condition, I was in numbness ,I had no idea where I was. I had a vague recollection but thanks to that two strangers who helped us for the first aid, got an Ambulance and got that chance to return!

Now is the time I am starting to feel a tiny bit lucid, but still in lost.

3 days holiday, backpack, escape from everyday formalities, making some decision allowing sense of ownership over our lives, extending time to elevate happiness and sense of inner peace… but I say mistake was travel at night. Travel is not always fun, in fact sometimes it’s bloody horrible.  It’s easy to focus on the good because, thankfully, mostly travel is awesome but this time it was bad timing.

He had never had one before, and I had never seen one before.  It was very scary.

We ended up spending a night in hospital and making our holiday at Star Hospital..  Thankfully, he ended up being ok. It was a horrible couple of days though.

It is very difficult to talk to people who have suffered, I can tell you we both are responsible for the thing that happened… I believe in one thing and that is there’s  never second time cause its not that we wont plan for holiday but there wont be repetition.. Its a lesson, calculation of worst case scenario and may be better days is yet not arrived :).