Days are passing by! Had a wonderful time past some days with family in this lifes trials and tribulation and then
Last Night,
sleep eluded me, I tossed and turned all night. Stepped out of bed and waited for day break… Something I haven’t done in a very very long time… I feel with a strong restlessness and a feeling of incompleteness, I have everything… I am blessed with the love of so many people I enjoy the adventures and challenges that keeps life springing… then why this feeling of emptiness I questioned myself. There are always stumbling blocks around but I am confuse where to pick myself and change things around! I need to look for the hidden lesson to find the light and to know what will be, will be. I know it is the turmoil of Inside me that makes complicated to understand but what is important here is we need to always honor life.

Mom taught me two words… not by telling me but through example – to live with hope and courage. It is easy to walk away when the going gets really tough. but how far can one run. You may have walked away for the situation now but can you ever walk away from yourself.
Over time I have also learnt that we can acquire name fame and things but real joy comes from who you share your life with. But in the process of acquiring all of this what happens, what would happiness be if it is not coming back at the end of a hard day to a home filled with laughter. What would success be when it cannot be celebrated with team , would I have the will to keep trying to achieve and experience the things If i couldn’t keep wonder in my soul.

At last unclutter as much as you can -mentally!!!

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