Programmer is never perfect, no seriously- if you really don’t know, even the 25 years experience guy work for a project, QA finds the bug (Doesn’t mean QA is even a perfect) but anyways after all that You will never become a Great Programmer until you acknowledge that you will always be a Terrible Programmer.
Coding is Fun!
Did I missed my Introduction, I am now a full-time Android Developer, Part Time PHP Developer and remaining time Blogger (only when I feel to write).
Last time I had a conversation with my friend and he asked what you really want to do I said “coding”, and the second was at coding what? I was in deep thought but we left that question at that moment and really because of that I am here to write about it.
Programming is more about fixing than it is creating. While other creative outlets involve in fixing process whereas programming is based on logic-based faults. Fixing process, its call debugging and its the heart of the programming and true satisfaction comes when you fix the bugs even though you work for two things i.e either for yourself or for other. People say it as a 9–6 job but as a programmer even though we work for deadline centric industry but when your problem is not fixed its almost all day job, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of late nights, long coding sessions, and an overall low quality of life.
Did someone told you, I mean have you heard Developer has high pay salary than other. It doesn’t mean you will be lucky as a flappy developer or that easy road and don’t take it you will be a millionaire if that would be I would be someone reading of another blog 🙂 and neither I am in that category but you get many choices.
Now let me write something that I love about it-
programming can make you well-suited for technical writing (manuals, documentation, etc.)
journalism (staying up to date with bleeding edge news) or education (teaching others what you know).

sometimes stack overflow will save your life
You will be awesome with a google search, Trust me I mean the most.
Let me tell you if you see any Developer in deep thoughts, don’t be mistaken of he/she might be thinking of you rather he/she might be solving problems. Bottom line is, it will mold you to be the great thinker.
there is never an ending for the learning process, always have the better option, always there will be something to learn.
Programmers will take that big, giant software project, and then break them down into smaller components that can be better managed which helps you to handle situation no matter how big it will be.
At the age of 13 may be, Dad bought a computer- I spend almost all my leisure time at computer playing games on that Windows XP. Then I thought about being Computer Engineering and may be watching chacha Chaudhary cartoon helped me on thinking more about it. But do you know then I thought being a computer Engineer means it was all about making that thing but now it is a difference?
As a study topic, there’s always more in programming, I personally love the cultural pieces of programming, like the people, machines, and languages. Some of the writing on the medium is beautiful, some polemic, some mind bending. And some elements of what you might term applied programming are fascinating in their own right.
However I’ve made many deep and lasting friendships in programming communities, workplace and Programming have allowed me to help others and be helped by people I respect and admire.
By this, I will wrap up by saying Programming is an awesome job.

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