I am seeking that version of my life where I can say that now this is my life.

I seriously don’t want my life to feel like I  never tested myself? Like I never stretched my limits and capabilities and experienced everything I possibly could in life?

I like my job, its cool. (Its shit thing  that I am saying this!), Wake Up! Get Ready! Serve your boss! Get Home! Sleep! Holy Shit! I tell you this is true shit!

I want my life to be more than this, and I truly don’t believe  when somebody like me who speaks but never bring it into action.

When you work for someone else, life is just comfortable enough to keep you from asking the really important questions. Sure, you feel like your soul is being crushed every day at work, but at least you get a paycheck, right?

How much of that paycheck is spent on vices and entertainment just to make yourself feel better or to cover up the fundamental lack of fulfillment you feel? I know that fear kills us!

I know, the perfect day to commit to your dream will never come. There is no such thing as being fully prepared and again working for self-takes a tremendous amount of courage and energy.

I want my current job the last one I ever take.
Why not ? I want that shit to be done, I want my own business, and yes, the worst that can happen probably isn’t all that bad.