As I am growing and time passes I grow richer in my thoughts, in my experiences and in the way of changing to be something meaningful! Yesterday my mom and me having conversation about teenage girl and the subject about adolescence. The feeling what we felt on that age and comparing about us and sharing many beautiful things what we felt. I saw an 18 year old in a women of 50’s. She shared how she struggled with her insecurities in this fifth decade of her life of that time. However, she always maintains that life is beautiful – even on the toughest day and the darkest hour. Sometime I wonder at her and sometime I get infuriated… but there has never been a moment I have been left inspired! But really MOM is one of God’s special people who radiates light and bring warmth to others. And My love for you is blooming more in this February!

Now, Let me change the topic with something different…I came to know, One of my friend had reached to corner of Nepal map and that made me feel more jealous, and this year I thought to go in anyway! I love traveling and I especially enjoy doing it alone, sounds awkward for other though.. Travel is a world in itself….expands your horizon like nothing else ever can. To think of all planes, cars, trains, buses moving from one point to another in a seamless flow of reaching somewhere connecting you to a new experiences is amazing. While we are busy in our schedule with our personal and professional work there are millions of others finding new routes, new destinations .. I have always loved the adventure of travel- the unknown, something different, something new. In all my years, I have come to understand that time is the greatest luxury and I want to maximize on the greatest experiences of my life. Each journey, whether a simple one from my hostel to patan or any thing else, I just want all memories of journey as the journey of life!

When I feel like writing and then when I start doing that I get diverted in different direction with many thoughts… may be it happens to all but in my case its often. So then its February right so then let me write about love…… and I am numb now! It is not just in the rare moment, it is in everyday that we seek love. I believe within each one of us is a story that remains untold…. This morning I had crush with one of guy near lainchaur traveling at bus, Thoughts crosses on my mind but never mind it was just a crush.. but it happens to everyone I guess but we feel awkward in someway… Well it was my day that started like this!

Its chocolate day my facebook friend notifies me and Now having churpi of dharan given by my workplace friend and writing this blog feeling the taste of my hometown churpi….