I have captured the emotions and expressions of a human face, where I have used the female body to portray the expressions. I have differentiated my photographs into three phases: normal, reality, and acceptance. During the normal phase, my pictures have shown happy expressions where the subject is happy and cheerful. In the second phase, she is in shock and depression. Her world is completely traumatised. She realises the reality of life where she is confused whom ought to blame for the situation that she has been thrust into. At the final phase she tries to become normal again. She feels that she needs to move on, with acceptance on her mind. She realises that she has to accept the situation, although it is very difficult for her. But she doesn’t lose hope. Her willpower is strong. She motivates herself to be strong, and decides to move on.
The subjects of these shows may vary, but they remain consistent in their ability to move viewers to new, unexpected emotional heights.

“Nitisha Subba”

After visiting the exhibition I found this video more meaningful.

It is always fascinating to see how artists’ personalities surpass framed canvases and spill over into their creative space. All of the artists in these exhibitions have incredible stories that come through in their artwork.

This series is about being aware of ones emotional state of being where each emotion arises and dissolves within that awareness, hence it is about evolution with regards to life as we know it.

Pragya Thapa



This project’s intention is to uplift traditional craftsmanship so that they are preserved through innovation i the traditional product.

Bikash SHakya


One that attracted me most…

Mirgaja Bajracharya

29th Baisakh!


Art for education. YAY! I can see my name! 20150927_170712

Art of Photography!


It’s always the  paintings and photographs that fascinate me! Apparently the paintings and photographs provide further contrast–the paintings show life-filled scenes while the photographers preferred “silent views” of life. For me, some looked more challenging to my eye since some work reflects interesting messages which was way out of my understanding…

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Location: THE TARAGAON MUSEUM Boudhanath Sadak, Kathmandu

 KUart BFA students as a part of their final project (graduation show). A wide range of artworks have been produced. The entrance is free for all. Go and experience Art. Artworks can be purchased too.