Its been many days.. I am lost in thoughts ! Days are seemed to be surrounded with wide variety of people. I come into the turmoil of thoughts regarding people dreams, aspirations and there goals. I often reflect on what it takes to compete- to put yourself in all entirety in front of group of experts to be judged on not just what you have already achieved, but the journey you are carving out for yourself, your place in the world and what you are doing to make difference.

There are many living examples, in fact each one of us is each of us is an example of the human spirit of survival. Nowadays, with more interaction between people, learning from them it tells me that one must celebrate life trails as much we do the triumphs. We cant change everything that we dont like nor can we run away from everything that doesnt suit us. If the pressures of life starts dictating our life then we stand to lose that very essence of life. But it helps to remember that as we grow into our years we have given opportunity to reflect in our life.. and live every moment to the fullest as undeniably as i can.

Today, When i was travelling on bus and one guy got a call having message that his granny is no more. But then I understood the pain of learning that there isnt anymore much later. I felt all emotion drain from my body. Sometimes what we care about the most gets all used up and goes away, never to return before we can say “good bye”  or say “I Love You”. So while we have it its best we love it, care for it , fix it when its broken and heal it when its sick. This is true for all relationships. there are just somethings that make us happy, no matter what. Life is important like people we know who are special and so we keep them close.. and today i know that we must live like we are here forever and love like there’s no tomorrow..