“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Valentine’s day, One of the popular holiday in America and one of the other day that eventually raise our eyebrow saying Oh Valentine’s Day! (14th FEb).

So now here I sit at my computer in the still-cold morning of the boring Sunday in 14th Feb, allowing  some thoughts and feelings to pour out from fingers.. and the other fact is I am just here to wish Happy Valentines Day,I believe its time to  remind everyone that it’s time to bring together forlorn ideas on love, compassion, fairness, beauty and true friendship.

I am somehow a Fictional reader and you know that fiction have made falling in love sound fancy, but in real life, the problems are real. Many of us hold a fantasy about what romantic love will look and feel like. I don’t know You may think your soul mate will have a perfect body, be smart and successful, with the potential to earn a substantial income. You may expect this person to understand you completely, to accept your faults, delight you in the bedroom, and meet all of your emotional needs. And, of course, this person will want to marry you.

But what often happens is that people project this fantasy of perfection onto whomever they may be dating. The fantasy mixes with endorphins and the desperate desire to be loved. These ingredients form a powerful elixir that intoxicates but instead of all these We need to evolve beyond our limiting beliefs about love’s nature. We need to understand that love is much more than our templates of soul mates, marriage, family, and children. These ideas have been corrupted throughout generations by religions, media, families, and all of society. Pure love has no reasons, and like a wizard it is never late. It is the greatest force that has delivered you to this communal fate. It stands proudly in its own right, and is not born out of cause and effect.

Beside all those big talks, I myself have a fictional choice….

Love is never an expectation but even though I want a man who is dissatisfied with being normalI want a man who’d marry his bicycle before me. I want a man who tells stories rich with metaphor.

I want a man who would rather live in a tiny cottage in a forest with the riches of birdsong, a hundred thousand stars and rivers for company, than in a fancy mansion in suburbia with a gleaming car, two fridges, TV, four bedrooms, a mortgage, and no time to enjoy any of it.

I want a man who doesn’t measure his days by degree of productivity, but experiences them by degree of presence. I want a man who has lived alone for a while, has experienced living in or with poverty or in a jungle, and knows both the loneliness and joy of such a life.

I didn’t want some kind of damsel swept up by a horseback-riding prince scenario. I want a man who talks to me about what makes him come alive in the world like his soul is on fire. I want a man whom I can cry in front of, who cries in front of me — tears are an expression of the soul.

To those who we’ve loved in retrospect, to those that we have loved in secret, to those that we have opened our hearts outstretched and ready that have broken us, and to those that have made us believe again. To those that we have forgiven for not knowing how to love us, and for those we could not be ready to love. This is life let us live it fully and forgive… it is fleeting and fragile. And at the core we are most certainly the same~

Let us be beautiful with each other until we can’t take anymore