Last night sleep eluded, I tossed and turned and the dark night seemed to be long enough that I spend most of the time in fear, Fear that created feelings of inadequacy, fear that created the desire to control certain situations in my life, fear that made my heart race and left me in the constant hum of panic but then somehow I managed to sleep yet again  zone of half asleep and half awake, I will succumb to the craziness of my fears yet again. Anyways this is my morning and I know morning shows the day and I want this to be another reason to live fully in every moment….

As now I am here in this early morning hours in the quietness of the house, windows open, birds creeping with the flow of their sound it’s a familiar peacefulness. At some moment to comeback just to write whats in my mind and as soon as I start writing  and forget what I was suppose to write is the degree of my craziness…

But then, I am here to write something about what I WANT, Actually this I have learned from my mentor who is from Irelan, Galway who taught me to write in as many as you can and prioritize… so here i begin what WANT might be..

  1. I want to know who I really am.
  2. I want to make my family proud of my being.
  3. I want to give more.
  4. I want to live my purpose no matter what.
  5. I want to be kind even when I’m pissed off, Even when I am hurt.
  6. I want to go beyond myself- inflicted limitations and sticky labels.
  7.  I want to learn something new everyday.
  8. I want to love like the ocean does the earth.
  9. I want to discover and hear the next chord of my real voice.
  10. I want to be heard
  11. I want to see you every day
  12. I want to be inspired by others.
  13. I want to set myself and others free- to feel, to create, to explore, to experience joy and to love so deeply that we all ache for life, like a crave of new lovers.
  14. I want to live my dreams
  15. I want to save lives.
  16. i want to be bold
  17. I want to care.
  18. I want to see the light.
  19.  I want to be change maker.
  20. I want to travel.
  21. I want to forget what I cant do and grow what I can.
  22. I want to focus what I am doing at.
  23. I want my want be more enough.
  24. I want to paint music.
  25. I want to write poem even I am terrible on that.
  26. i want to feel like I never thought possible.
  27. I want to be okay with being misunderstood.
  28. I want every moment to count.
  29. I want to do more.
  30. I want to make people happy.
  31. I want to talk with other what life’s definition for them, and the experience of the triumph and tribulation of their life.
  32. I want to know that this want are not enough.
  33. I want to want more.

I want to Know that this is possible. Know that the greater the storm, the more beautiful the peace.