Me, was super excited to go behind the scene at Nepal Literature Festival event.  I was happy, My work took me pokhara again, Maybe it is the smiles of the welcoming locals. Perhaps it is the spicy, affordable food. Or maybe the beautiful lakes. Or perhaps the party atmosphere. Or even the great event followings or the work again but Whatever motivates you to visit Pokhara, it seems it shares your enthusiasm.

This time I was packing some formal clothes, It was different and the big problem is the “What if’s”. What if it is really cold  at event day and my blazer don’t fit in – should I take my down jacket.  What if it’s too hot.  What if it’s too cold.   Oh my god. Is that I am acting much but seriously I did my packing late at night at the time of load shedding, trust me I was super busy bitch but anyways whatever I did , I lately caught from cough and cold.

1 Week that was much more but never mind It was super awesome weekend. One of the best things about having a blog is that we can look back on that days and see what we were up to…

When suddenly we bumped into pokhara, I personally lost the feelings being in pokhara rather I was in mood to get back in work, in hurry…. Everyone was awesome with work I was not satisfied by me :).

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Authors, writers, Actors and an enthusiastic crowd of book lovers.It was a fantastic time, with insights into the writing and publishing process as well as a bit of literary education (Do you know what “steampunk” means? Do you know what “meta-fiction” is? No? Well, sorry, you had to be there for the lively Q&A…) . Let me tell you 1 week with all those personality I learned more about them. In detail will write in some other day if that be on my list. Okay and again My Moms Favourite writer followed by me, Khagendra Sangraula, let me show that picture indeed.


See that big picture :). I am blown away with my own picture. But I am neither a photographer nor a canon owner but caught taking picture and loved it!


And we attracted a diverse and eclectic crowd, too.


Two things I struggled with were 1. I called MOM to Pokhara since she was at Kathmandu 2.  My stomach was in knots, my throat was dry, my heart was racing. I was anxious to tell I have called MOM which was totally personal fact to me and problem to deal with own professional deeds as required to balance professional and personal. But lately I was happy cause I was able to manage and after ages, No I don’t remember when was that time Me and MOM enjoyed traveling together. So  at last It was my favourite holiday.

She doesn’t stop smiling and I’m hugged until all the breath is pretty much squeezed out of me. We travelled pokhara to manakamana to Kathmandu, Whew Best thing ever happened.

DSCN0617    PhotoEditor_1455256962164

SAM_3353    SAM_3362SAM_3366    SAM_3458


Still more to write… takes time!


As always..thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit my blog and love on me! 

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