33 degree of scorching heat, and this summer might be something that brings laziness in us and may be that is why drowsy eyes is the credit of this summer…. Anyways after working on same thing since week, its a relief that has been finished with greetings , its awesome anyways.

    Right now My moment is like how this music is this beautiful as truly said music is what feeling sounds like.. not only makes me run faster, feeling almost invincible. It’s not the lyrics that do it for me – it’s the flow as well…


    when I feel like writing I feel as if inside of me is exploring and as I sit here, thinking about the rush and the current of my life, I am comforted greatly by the things which surround me in this moment.

    Its almost 6 and time for to rush toward the place where evening is for….




    Sun trying to hide on this evening!

    Tea! Places to be in evening! Things brings me peace

    there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare


    So did happen, When I was at Patan I was wondering every one actually every couple sounds pathetic  but this whole idea of identifying with thoughts or with anything for that matter, has been taking up quite a bit of my thinking lately. It’s an odd concept that I am talking about it , but I’ll try to get to my point… I saw couple exchanging rose and they were on romance on their way. Thoughts on my mind was The moment they are spending might be the best moment for them, If we share the sacred act of feeling openly, by showing others we are capable of, and comfortable with, loving, hurting, grieving, following our passions, breaking and mending, by doing so, we give each other permission to do the same may be .  The moment we let go of our fear of being seen for who we really are, in all our glory, we give ourselves permission to step into our strength, and let our hearts open just that little bit more each day. As it turns out, my version of love was highly filtered by Disney movies and romance novels.

    Written as lyrics :

    Loves struck lads loves struck lasses

    In every corners In every cafes

    From the far coast of the sea to the sunshine of love

    Oh dear, I am here all alone Picturing the fantasy

    Falling in love with factitious you(lady)

    Your dim sight stumbling on my heart

    Hoping to meet you In every corners In every cafes

    From the far coast of the sea to the sunshine of love

    Loves struck lads love struck lasses

    Strolling in the parks walking in the dark

    From this winding roads to the dawn of love

    Oh dear, you are somewhere all alone In the dark, in the sun

    May be somewhere waiting and dreaming

    Far away for far too long

    Let Your Imagination run Wild !